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Our primary goal and concern is to justify the trust you place in us when you elect to have us care for your dental needs. We intend to do this through our professional skills, and treating each of our patients according to their individual needs.

Browse our website for more information on our office, procedures, FAQ’s, articles, and more. With your cooperation and help, we plan to maintain your dental health in optimal conditions. Our hope is to show that dentistry can be done in a pleasant and comfortable manner. Hopefully, you will feel confident enough with us that you will feel free to refer your family and friends.

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Horses Need a Dentist Too!


Adult horses can have 36-44 teeth with the average tooth being 4 inches long. That’s a LOT of teeth! When a horse chews its food the lower jaw (mandible) actually moves in a circular pattern, unlike humans who chew their food with … [Read More...]

Sip All Day, Get Decay!


Hard Facts About Soft Drinks A bottle of soda pop in the 50's was 6.5 ounces. Today, a 12-ounce can is standard and a 20-ounce bottle is common. Larger container sizes mean more calories, more sugar and more acid in a single … [Read More...]

Hard Facts About Sour Candies


In the past 20 years, candies marketed to children have increasingly been of a “fruity” or “sour” variety. Sour candies are very acidic, with a low pH level (Acid Levels in Sour Candies). Some candy is so acidic it can … [Read More...]