New Years Resolutions

Dr Scheumann: to catch more fish, hike more and enjoy this beautiful creation Dr Pickard: to attend Sue Zimmerman’s 5:15am yoga class at the YMCA Sue (Dr Scheumann’s Assistant): to read more Kortney (Dr Pickard’s Assistant): to learn more healthy recipies Mary (Lab Asistant): to visit out of town family more Autum (Office Manager): to…

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Healthy Smile, Healthy Life!

We believe a healthy smile is a beginning to a healthy life. A smile not only spreads joy, happiness, and friendliness, but it makes you, YOU! We believe good oral care not only focuses on your teeth, gums, etc but on your nutrition and overall health. We intend to be attentive to your specific needs…

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DeKalb County Pinkout

Tri Kappa of Auburn will be hosting our 3rd Annual Pink Out in DeKalb County. The mission is to raise awareness in the community, educate about early detection, and save lives. Tri Kappa is educating community members about the crucial importance of early detection. Tri Kappa Pink Out DeKalb County 2017 is a county wide…

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