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Simplify interaction with your doctor and their practice with PatientReach Mobile fromSolutionreach.

PatientReach Mobile is a free mobile download for you, from your doctor. With quick and easy tools like secure messaging, appointment requests, and lightning fast payment collection, your doctor will never be farther away than your own back pocket!

Easy-To-Use Interface

Everything you need to stay in touch with your doctor is right at your fingertips.

You can click to navigate, call, or add their contact information into your phone’s directory.

You can quickly connect to your doctor through Facebook and Twitter right from the main screen.

Quick Notifications

Notifications automatically appear on this screen for unread messages or upcoming appointment and payment-due reminders.

You can also receive push notifications that prompt you to open the application to securely view unread messages from your doctor.

Secure Doctor-Patient Messaging

The password protected sign-in process ensures that the messages you exchange with your doctor through the application are kept private and secure.

Secure Photo and File Sharing

You can safely exchange images and files with your doctor. Similar to any SMS conversation, you can elect to upload an existing image from your phone or take a photo right from the composition window.

Manage Appointment Schedules

Previous and upcoming appointments can both be viewed in the appointment section of the application.

You can also click on the plus sign to schedule a new appointment with your doctor.

Automatic prompts appear when you still need to confirm an upcoming appointment.

Appointment Details and Confirmations

You can click on an upcoming appointment to access tools that let you:

  • View the time and date of your appointment
  • Send confirmations directly to your doctor
  • Add the appointment to your calendar
  • Click to populate their address into your Maps application
  • Click to call their office

Timely Payments

PatientReach Mobile from Solutionreach makes it simple for you to view and manage your outstanding balance, right from your phone.

Easy-to-read invoices can include an itemized list of charges, to help you understand how much you owe and what you are paying for.

You are even able to submit full or partial mobile payments by simply taking a secure photograph of your credit card or entering the information manually. On-time payments, made easy!

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