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We believe a healthy smile is a beginning to a healthy life. A smile not only spreads joy, happiness, and friendliness, but it makes you, YOU! We believe good oral care not only focuses on your teeth, gums, etc but on your nutrition and overall health. We intend to be attentive to your specific needs to help you achieve a healthy smile and healthy life. We will do this by listening to you and developing your trust in us. We believe your smile and well-being are important and are here to guide and help you through life’s journey with a confident smile!

If you visit the office you’ll now see these words floating around the office!

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  1. kathy Butler on June 21, 2018 at 7:35 PM

    I wanted to tell you how grateful I was cap back on today, no pain friendliness kindness and best of all no pay ! I know I’m not your regular customer but I really believe I need a new dentist would be my choice thank you Gary Schumer sue for your time today I will forever be grateful

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