New Years Resolutions

Dr Scheumann: to catch more fish, hike more and enjoy this beautiful creation
Dr Pickard: to attend Sue Zimmerman’s 5:15am yoga class at the YMCA
Sue (Dr Scheumann’s Assistant): to read more
Kortney (Dr Pickard’s Assistant): to learn more healthy recipies
Mary (Lab Asistant): to visit out of town family more
Autum (Office Manager): to try a new recipe once a month
Brenda (Hygiene Coordinator): to live a healthier lifestyle
Amy L (Insurance Coordinator): to learn to ride a tandem bike (after baby is here)
Angela (Hygienist): to be more generous
Amy N (Hygienist): to spend more time with family and friends
Tammy (Hygienist): to catch up on my children’s scrapbooks (they’re in college)
Connie (Hygienist): to go back to the ocean
EG (Hygienist): to use, enjoy and promote the activities and businesses this great little community has to offer
Sara (Hygienist): to grow more of our own food

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